Powder coating: what is it?

Powder coating is an effective technique for coating and shielding non-ferrous metals. It applies to all metal parts made of black steel, galvanized aluminum, electrogalvanized or uncooked, anodized or painted, in a ventilated cottage. It consists of depositing powder paints with electrostatic influence polymerizing at 200°. Discover more information about industrial pipe wrap repair. The powder particles are charged with static electricity and are attracted to the component to be painted as if they were magnetized. This technique allows to acquire a bypass effect as well as an excellent penetration of the powder from the smallest corners of these parts. The absence of solvents and toxic chemicals makes powder coating the best answer to current environmental and health protection requirements. The aesthetic and technical functionality of powder coatings is remarkable.

The cataphoresis process

Cataphoresis is a painting process that consists of immersing the area in a bath of water-soluble paint deposited by electrolysis. The cataphoresis procedure causes the paint particles suspended in the tank to migrate by means of an electrical current of a specific voltage from the anode to the cathode. Contact pipeline repair companies for all questions. The paint particles then rest uniformly on the entire surface of the underwater part. In reality, cataphoresis ends with the deposition of a uniform layer of paint to create protection against rust. To achieve this result, you must follow unique steps. Cataphoresis was used in the 1970s in many industrial companies due to the anti-corrosion coating of metal parts. Cataphoresis is therefore a surface treatment that has already proven its worth for many decades, both in terms of quality and financial growth.

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